Monday, May 04, 2009

KVFM 87.7

We have a plethora of tall boys

Are you tuning in, live, online to 87.7FM?

Local community radio for Kensington and Fairfield on air for two more weeks.

I simply cannot keep away, I have been in every day, sitting listening, chatting to presenters, texting in, getting under feet, commenting on the blog!

Our next show is Thursday 7th May but I cannot promise not to pop into someone else's show in the meantime, it is addictive! Our community, coming together, live on the radio. It is FANTASTIC!


scouseboy said...

Under different circumstances, you would have been too busy on that day. Thursday May 7th would have been polling day if wasn't the odd year out in four!!!

steve faragher said...

and part time ice cream delivery person

Tracy Ramsey said...

Hey i thought you worked in Maccie's, what with seeing you everyday