Saturday, May 30, 2009

Euro campaigning this morning

We had three teams out knocking on doors in Kensington this morning, in beautiful sunshine. I was a bit apprehensive before we went out, but I needn't have been. Labour promises are holding up fine, there were a few grumblings, but really hardly any compared to what I was expecting. We also identified some new promises by calling on the doors of people who we know vote, but had not caught at home before. Wendy lead a team, Liam lead a team and I lead a team, with Arlene McCarthy and my very good friend Suzanne.

There was an impressive array of window decorating for Everton's FA Cup Final today, loads on the Beatles estate for instance.

I finally got the chance to meet Val in person too, a resident who I know reads my blog and who sometimes emails me with issues and observations, so that was really nice (Hello Val!).

I just hope that everyone understands that if we are to prevent Nick Griffin becoming an MEP in our area for the BNP, we need people to go out and vote for a mainstream party. Obviously I want them to vote Labour, but if they are not naturally Labour supporters, they still need to vote for their usual party to ensure that nasty Nick cannot win here.

We are building our team for polling day, so if you are free at any time on Thursday and would like to come out and campaign in such an important election, please contact me and we can let you know where we will be and when. It is great fun, very motivational and sociable and you may even get a tan if the weather is as good as it has been today!

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scouseboy said...

I have been a lifelong Labour supporter all my life. I have not ever missed a vote since I turned 18 (and I became a very old 53 last Friday!!)
For a fleeting moment, the thought crossed my mind to vote Green at the Euros, as a protest against the Westminster expenses scandal.
Then sanity returned to me. The euro elections are
1)not about Westminster expenses.
2) By voting for a minority party it runs the risk of us to all our shame being represented by a facist for the next five years in the European Parliament. .
The real choice is between social inclusion in Europe under Labour,or total isolation from Europe under the Tories.
I got my marbles back, I will be voting Labour on Thursday, I hope many others of you do likewise.