Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome to my "bistro" yard!

Mum and Roger came over yesterday to help me sort out my yard, now that May is here. They bought me hanging baskets for my birthday last year but the seasons have been against us until now. Actually that is not true, they came over not to help me, but to actually do the work, while I watched and made helpful suggestions.

It is looking fantastic, Roger worked incredibly hard, on his knees, with a scouring brush, sweeping and hosing and turning my mossy, dandelion encrusted yard into a thing of beauty. And the baskets Mum planted up look wonderful. I am such a lucky daughter.

We had a smashing chinese take-away last night from the place at the end of my road, Chopsticks, which is on the corner of Lance Lane and Woolton Road, near the Blue Coat playing fields. I can definitely recommend the mixed starter for 2, which was more than enough for 3, for £7 - prawn toast, salt and pepper chicken, spare ribs, chicken satay, spring rolls, seaweed.


scouseboy said...

What do the signs on the wall say?

Louise Baldock said...

I have popped outside, took a photo and will post it up now. I hope it works okay. It is getting dark (how is this for interactive blogging?)

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

What are the opening hours and do I need to book in advance?
Can I suggest a discount for bloggers. I take it there are no dogs allowed, that's the last thing you want to be stepping in while you tuck into the Goosenargh Chat Noir. Good luck with the new business.