Sunday, May 17, 2009

IDAHO day at Liverpool Town Hall

Today was IDAHO today across the world. For the first time Liverpool City Council flew the rainbow banner from the Town Hall, and I believe from Municipal Buildings. And at least 100 LGBT folk had tea with the Lord Mayor. I met some really interesting people, the two women from Our Story Liverpool that I blogged about a few weeks back, women from the Lesbian and Gay foundation - who gave me a policy document to read about supporting the delivery of a sustainable LGBT sector in the North-West, Merseyside Gay and Lesbian Support Network - the flag is flying from all of our police stations today too, and the organisers of the gay film festival in FACT each October.

The Lord Mayor said it was the first time the flag had been flown here and although nobody else did it, I want to thank Andrew Nembhard, Head of Equality at Liverpool City Council, for paying for the afternoon tea and arranging for the Town Hall to be open for so many people to come and celebrate together. We spoke at the end about how we can encourage more councillors to come next year, something to discuss at our next Community Cohesion Task Group.

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csw said...

Thanks for blogging about this memorable event. It was really encouraging to see the rainbow flag flying from the Town Hall. Thanks also for giving the appropriate thanks to Andrew Newbhard for paying for the afternoon tea and making the arrangements. It's a shame that the acknowledgement was overlooked yesterday.
All in all it was a great afternoon. I'm now looking forward to Liverpool delivering a fantastic Pride event next year.