Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick visit to Gina in Leeds

I had a quick visit to see Gina Greenley in Leeds last night. I dragged myself away from KVFM87.7 where I was loving sitting watching community radio in action (not something you get to do very often, to be honest) and crossed the Pennines, with my honorary Tyke passport in hand.

I have not seen Gina for ages, years perhaps, we calculated, although that seems all wrong to me. We had a lot of catching up to do as you can imagine!

She was telling me about the European election campaigns in Leeds and we swapped notes on campaign tips and the brilliant new virtual phone on membersnet.

We had a curry and a few glasses of wine and really put the world to rights. And - Colin and Wendy in particular please note - she gave me loads of books to bring home, and I am talking about 50 here, not just a handful! So I shall stand back so as to avoid the crush as you fight to be first to pick them over.

She is going to be a grandmother later this year, and we talked about what she might be called by her grandaughter when she arrives. My grandmothers were "Nana" and "Grandma". Gina says she thinks the baby will call her Gina, because everyone else does, but I reckon that she will find that everyone else will call her "Gran" (or whatever they choose) to this little girl, and she may well find she gets a name like that anyway.

The other exciting bit of news was that she spent nearly 8 weeks in Chicago working on the Obama campaign last summer, how special is that! I was really envious, what a wonderful memory to have.

We have already put a date in our diary for her to come over in the summer, so we wont be leaving it so long next time! I had a lovely time. Thanks for having me!

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