Thursday, May 14, 2009

Euro Rally in Liverpool

Last weekend we had a big Euro Rally in Liverpool - a few hours of speeches in the Casa on Hope Street, which I missed because I could not get out of bed after the wedding party, and then several hours of campaigning.

I lead a team of campaigners around an estate in Picton, securing Labour promises so that we have a good number of people to get out to vote on June 4th. There were 10 in our team, and I think there were 4 teams altogether out on the knocker. Then another team of 10 was leafletting elsewhere in the city, with a fifth team on the phones calling voters. We had the candidates from the Labour Euro panel, plus the retiring Gary Titley MEP, thanks to all of them for coming over.

Then we had a drink and a chat and the best buffet I have ever eaten in my life, courtesy of the Co-op Party in Manchester, in a bar on Parr Street - is it called something like 3354? We were joined by dozens of young people, from Liverpool Universities, Manchester Uni and the Labour North West LGBT group. It was all organised by the irrepressable Kev Peel and he deserves a very big thank you, well done mate! What a great boost to the campaign.

My friend Suzanne stayed over afterwards and we caught up on all the Manchester and Liverpool gossip together. She is running in the Great Manchester Run to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society this weekend, go girl!

(And it really cheered me up on a very bad day for Parliamentary democracy)


Ian Jackson said...

Yes 3345 Parr Street and Parr St Studios are great - owned and managed by Gary Millar the lib-dem councillor - tut-tut, he's a nice bloke though despite his politics, he's not one of the bstds :)

Colin said...

hope Suzanne got round okay, apparently there were 33 000 runners not including the 150 metre runners.


Louise Baldock said...

Yes, an hour and 20 mins I think she said. She is a star that girl