Sunday, May 24, 2009

Working class music festival - at the New Picket

A great night on Friday night, well worth missing the Labour Party CLP meeting for!

Colin and I went down to the New Picket on Jordan Street, my favourite venue in the city, and we listened to Attila the Stockbroker with his wonderful poetry, Alun Parry, who I am a big fan of (Colin bought me a CD which I am really enjoying) and the man himself, Billy Bragg.

A really great evening - and thankfully the only people who recognised me were friends so nobody gave me a load of stick for being a Labour politician.

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Colin said...

Lou, you missed out David Rovics, the American folk singer, who is well worth a listen to. If only why he wrote a song in praise of Somalian pirates. You have to listen to the words, and he also makes you do a sing-a-long with a chorus that if you join in with means you can never go to the USA because you are a subversive.