Friday, May 08, 2009

Colin and I were at Loggerheads at the weekend...

I have been dying to say that!

Loggerheads is a national park beauty spot in North Wales next to Colomendy where Liverpool school children go away on outward bound holidays. It doesn't mean we were daggers drawn!

We drove over there via a certain couple of places on the Wirral that I want to take Wendy to over the summer, on the trail of her ancestors. We had no clear idea of our destination, just "Wales" but then I spotted Moel Famau on the map and thought it would be good to be there, looking back at Liverpool, for a change, instead of the other way round. We did not actually get all the way there, but close enough.

We had lunch at a pub called "We 3 at Loggerheads", a lovely Sunday roast dinner of Turkey in my case, I think Colin had Steak and Ale pie, then we went for a walk along the river, stopping to look at interesting bits of old industrial buildings - a fabulous water mill for instance. It was muddy because of the rain so I rolled my trouser bottoms up into my socks as we walked, I looked far from fetching. There will be no photos of that! Having satisfied ourselves that we had properly walked up and down and show suitable willing, we allowed ourselves an icecream from the Tourist office shop before going back to the car, I had honey comb. Delicious.

The journey back to Liverpool was much faster, it turns out to be only about 25 miles if you don't go via all points and if you don't dawdle.

I may very well go again


scouseboy said...

The river is called the River Alyn. It has its source on the walk up Moel Famau. It is very relaxing just to hear the water gently flowing down the mountain.
If you fancy a challenge, Moel Famau is worth the climb. There are three routes, unofficially described as "hard" "medium" or "gentle!?!" Just remember to wear sensible clothes and shoes, because at the summit you are at least one hour away from shelter if the weather changes suddenly, but when you get to the top the view is breathtaking and a great reward for the exersise. On a clear day you can see the Snowdon range, the welsh coast,the Lancashire foothills and the Pennines beyond liverpool.
I usually try to climb it at least once a year, on one of the spring/summer bany holidays, however I have not done it this year so far. The "gentle" route is not quite as the name implies!!
Last year on my climb, I wore the heart monitor I use in the gym, and at its steepest part (around 1 in 4)my heartbeat was going at the maximum recommended for my age, and the same rate that I used to beat in a strenuous spinning class!!

Louise Baldock said...

- doesn't do walking, but good for you if you do. I am really more of a "Look out of the car window at the nice view" kind of a woman. Although a short stroll on the flat is generally okay and I have been known to manage 2 miles on an all round trip up and down a canal. I do like canals, a lot, and rivers are good, if they are not bounded by very steep and wavy banks!

Professor Chucklebutty said...

"A short stroll around your flat is generally ok!!?" What happened to promoting a healthy Liverpool Lois? I'm probably a good deal older than you and I managed 5 miles along a canal until a passer -by helped me get me foot untangled from the tow rope. But Mr Scouseboy is right we are fortunate to have such a beautiful area as Moel Famau on our doorstep and we should make more of these factors in our tourist guides. I agree the view at the top is breath-taking - I couldn't breathe for twenty minutes.