Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wet and Dry

Leafletting in Crewe at lunch-time was red-hot, we were burning under the sun. An interesting housing estate, reasonably well-to-do, nicely kept, privately owned, and more Labour posters than Tory ones. Now I know that doesn't mean anything but it gave me some heart.

I see in the papers (the Tory papers actually, when I think about it) that the Tories are in line for a 1000 vote majority. That is a better scenario than I had imagined and gives me extra heart, we can reign it back from that situation. The difficulty as always is getting our voters out on the day. Sheila said she had had at least 60 volunteers in today, including our Liverpool contingent, so people are going over there and getting stuck in, which is good news. It is not a constituency with computer records of voting intention so I was pleased to hear they have managed to contact a quarter of the electorate in a week, from a standing start.

Surely the good people of Crewe and Nantwich cannot really want to elect the toff in the top hat who is the heir to the Timpson's shoe empire?

Fantastic weather. Then this afternoon, back home, the heavens opened with a massive thunderstorm and torrential rain, wasn't I glad to be indoors! Still, it has saved me having to water the patio plants.


Praguetory said...

Your campaign in Crewe is a disgrace. How can you be proud to be associated with it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe because Gwyneth Dunwoody was a wonderful MP, and it's an honour to fight for a worthy Labour successor?

Louise Baldock said...

I am always proud to fight elections for the Labour Party. I cannot pretend to be an expert on the Crewe and Nantwich byelection, I went over there as a foot soldier, to be given work to do. I didnt ask them to take me into their secret bunker and discuss their campaign plans with them.

I have helped run parliamentary byelections before, when I was a LP staff member, South East Staffs, Hemsworth, Wigan, Eddisbury and also European byelections like South Yorkshire so I know how tough they can be.

And I know how much the organisers will value the ordinary members who turn up, having travelled a long way in some cases, to help out.

Anyway, I wont take any preaching from a man who supports the party who gave us "Are you thinking what I am thinking"

Anonymous said...

no you would rather support a campaign which puts out a leaflet encouraging racism pure and simple - see labour home if you don;t believe us

scouseboy said...

Having just got home and seen the opinion polls on sky for C&N, it made depressing viewing. It is patently obvious that Labour will get beat.
However, Louise deserves praise for travelling the 40+ miles to campaign for Labour.
If you look beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, and the 10p tax debacle, and look at the bigger picture, Labour actually has quite a good record down the years. Winter fuel payments, working family tax credits, low unemployment to name just a few things. And I say that as an ex Labour party member who left the party in protest over Iraq.
People need to think back to Thatcher, and the misery she and her government caused. Tories do not change.