Sunday, May 18, 2008

Liverpool Labour Group AGM part 1

Last Monday night we had the first part of our two part AGM and re-elected Councillor Joe Anderson as our leader, unanimously and with cheering.

I was delighted to be re-elected as the policy convenor and blushed a little at the words of praise for our 2008 manifesto.

Wendy is our new chair, replacing Steve Rotheram who becomes Lord Mayor on Tuesday night. I am absolutely delighted that her hard work and commitment have been recognised by the leader, I was very keen that she should put her name forward, although her natural modesty was hard to overcome as she deliberated over whether to put her name forward. She is already chair of our constituency Labour Party, of a governing body, of various Unison committees and practically every other organisation she sits on (there are so many that I dont even know the full list), so it made perfect sense that she should offer herself for this role. She was very warmly welcomed, in absentia (she is in Portugal, the lucky so-and-so) as Chair of our Labour Group and I texted her to let her know the news as we left the meeting.

Another reason for me to be "made up" this month. The advance of the Labour women goes forward another pace!


scouseboy said...

A lot more comradely than the Fib Dem AGM!!!

Louise Baldock said...

Although we might have to rethink our views on that, given how together they were at the AGM?

scouseboy said...

I am not in the least bit suprised that they showed unity at the council AGM. There was little else they could do. However, I think they are very much a split group, and over the coming months one issue or other will rankle somebody, and the splits in the Fib Dems will be no longer behind closed doors, but become very public.