Thursday, May 22, 2008

U-turn at top of Laurel Road

I have met Rob M from Liverpool Vision on site to discuss the inadequate U turn provisions at the top of Laurel Road for residents and shop keepers on Edge Lane and in the CML, Birchfield area.

The swing is fine for cars but no good for anything with a longer wheel base

He has promised to talk to Highways about better signage, pointing out that it is not suitable for bigger vehicles - I lost the fight for a wider turning space. So this will be a start, if it keeps pedestrians safe on the pavement where longer vehicles are currently mounting the kerb

Will keep you posted.

(It was quite funny when I talked about the possibility of a big wagon full of bikes coming to deliver to Quinns, and three minutes later the very same thing occurred. I think he thought I had set it up, but it was a true coincidence).

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