Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dance Pad launch at the Sure Start centre - Lifebank - in Kensington

I left Crewe about 4pm to get back to Kensington for the launch of the Dance Pad.

Parks Partnership who manage (own?) the Lifebank, have noticed the increasing popularity of the dance pads at Amusement Arcades throughout the country and have replicated the idea, but significantly improved on them, in a local setting.

Colin and I like to pop into Arcades when on seaside days out, mainly to play on the 2p cascade machines and we have admired the youngsters who dance on the spot, moving their arms and legs in a preordained pattern, to match the moves identified on the screen in front of them. Left, right, up, down, stamp etc, all together, moving as one.

This idea has now been further developed so that youngsters at the Lifebank have about 10 individual mats which they can line up in front of a wall where a computer screen is reproduced and they compete with each other for the best and quickest and most accurate mover.

There was an equal number of boys and girls which was particularly pleasing and they had a very thorough physical workout. Lots of water required at break times!

It seems the Lifebank has hit on something that is great for physical health, great for improving reactions, great for bringing boys and girls together in one activity, the parents all love it because they know their children are safe for those three sessions a week, and it is all free!

The PCT were there to celebrate the launch, as was local international athlete, Beth Tweddle.

Well done to all concerned

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