Tuesday, May 06, 2008

That mythical period "after the election"

Well it is finally here, that mythical period "after the election" where everything is shunted to.

So now there is no excuse.

I have to sort out the back yard - clean up the moss and the weeds and prepare it for summer, and some patio planting.

I have already sorted out the two light-bulbs that were out for up to six weeks, unchanged since they blew.

I have made a stab at some shopping and the laundry - but there is still much to do.

I have spoken to some of my long-suffering friends and family, but there remains some still to call and write to.

I need to sort out my travel diary from Ireland last year - when I cannot truly recall some of the funny stories I had noted.

Then there is the back-door which still needs varnishing, I promised the carpenter in February I would get it done straight away, gulp, all that rain!

And the curtains for the front room - don't get me started on the last abortive attempt.

I have been promising myself to file away the papers and hang the pictures and paintings piled up in the middle bed-room.

I need to get my fledgling consultancy under-way before my savings run out.

And I need to see baby Alice, before she has learnt to toddle! That has to be the top of the list.

And in the middle of all that, we have a byelection to win in Crewe and Nantwich, now where did I put my list of Labour campaigners?


scouseboy said...

You must have one hell of a wardrobe and freezer to have six weeks worth of food and clothes!!!
Seriously though, enjoy some quality time with the people who you hold dear to you. I made the mistake of not doing this when I was an elected member. By the way, enjoy Berlin next month!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you go with 60 or 100 watt bulbs ?