Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oscar the Dog - in Chester

Oscar has been pestering me to tell you all how we met on a pedestrian crossing in Chester on bank holiday Monday.

I was in Chester with Colin and Mike, relaxing after the frenetic election campaigning. We fancied a trip on the vintage open-topped bus and as we made our way to the bus pick up point, and were crossing the road, I spied newly elected Tim Moore with his girlfriend and Oscar, crossing towards us. They had not seen us, so I shouted out "Aternoon Councillor!" and they did a double-take. They retraced their steps and we had a chat at the roadside. I suspect it was the first time Tim had been so hailed and I think he was quietly chuffed.

Oscar was charming, polite with beautiful manners and looked quite jaunty as he enjoyed an afternoon walk in the sun.

Lovely to meet you Oscar, I am sorry it has taken me a week or so to catch up with my entries, this one is for you!

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