Friday, May 02, 2008

Kensington and Fairfield victory and brief news round-up

They threw their worst at us but in Kensington and Fairfield, Labour's candidate Liam Robinson was victorious.

His majority was about 200 - more than mine and Wendy's - for now!

Joe, our local psephologist, reckons it is 42 years, at least, since there was last 3 Labour councillors in Kensington and Fairfield (or its component parts)

Claire Wilner also won in Belle Vale, she was our other choice of candidate in Kensington and Fairfield, the competition was between the two. So it is a win win for the Liverpool Labour Group. We get both. Claire breaks history tonight by helping Belle Vale to become the first ward in the city with three women councillors.

Two other victories were John Prince in Yew Tree, our second seat there and the mighty Brian Dowling who took Anfield on his third time of asking.

We fell short of taking Knotty Ash ward by 36 and County ward by 7. Heart-breaking results that will haunt us for weeks and months.

Picton fell short of about 250 which is magnificent considering Tim only started in March really, he didnt even knock on a door until April. His team was very small too - I was hardly ever there and I was his agent! So to take Makinson from a majority last year of about 600 to a piddling 250, he polled fewer votes than the much nicer Ian Jobling, is a real result for Tim. We will be back!

Croxteth was a success story as I said it would be, Rose won comfortably with a majority of over 600. So the gainsayers who kept sending me nasty notes about her - which I did not publish, were all wrong. She is a very popular local councillor and the nasty notes backfired.

The fourth Liberal councillor, in West Derby, following a deselection and defection was short-lived as she came third in the contest between LibDem and Labour. So Councillor Radford is back to three again. Which is at least one more than it should be!

This took the LibDems to no-overall control (they also lost a second seat to the Green party in St Michael's ward)

However, we learnt after the count that Nadia Stewart from Croxteth who jumped from the Labour Group before she was pushed and became an independent, has now defected to the LibDems just in time to save them from going to no-overall control.

Without her Boaler Street Elderly people's Care Centre and Leighton Dene centre for people with alzheimers and dementia could have been saved.

Now, thanks to Nadia Stewart, 160 people will lose their jobs and hundreds of residents will lose their care.

Boy will she be popular with the residents of Liverpool when they find out that they could have been shot of the LibDems for good, had it not been for this woman. And when they find out that she comes from an old Labour family, then they will say she has besmirched the memory of her Labour Party representatives in her family.

So a great night for some wards and a bad night for the city as we limp on through another two years of this terrible administration

Good night everyone, you did a great job, thanks for all the support!


scouseboy said...

Congratulations to Liam. I know the three of you will not let the people down Hopefully the three seats in kenny will be yours for years to come. Congratulations also to all the succsesful Labour candidates in Liverpool. Pity about County and Knotty Ash. Hopefully, in my own ward (Warbreck) Fib Dem Richard Roberts may now get the hint, at the third time of asking, that he is not wanted.

Anonymous said...

I think Claire is fantastic, she'll be a great councillor. Well done Claire

Jim said...

Like many people I cannot remember a time when Doran was not my Councillor. Finally we have a proper new political dawn in Kensington unsullied by Councillors whose only claim is that they have been there for years...and done nothing!

Well done Liam. Everyone is so proud of you - even people who do not know you. A trip to the shop this morning had people cheering across the road that Frank had gone.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to all involved. I know that in Kensington and Fairfield at least, there won't be anyone resting on their laurels. They will be out working for their constituents and to make Kensington and Fairfield a better place to live and work.


Louise Baldock said...

We have had messages of support from all the service providers in our area - I wont say who and which because they are meant to be politically impartial, but I tell you with my hand firmly on my heart that I have had calls, texts and emails from all the major players in our area. We are ready for a bright new dawn where we can all work together, as one, for our people.

Louise Baldock said...

I am reliably informed by one of my regular correspondents that actually Allerton pulled off the special trophy of three women councillors a few years ago with Flo Clucas, Vera Best and Rosie Cooper. And apparently there might also have been another one elsewhere.

I am still thrilled though, even if it is not absolutely historic after all.

I love Claire very much and I am, to use the vernacular, "made up" that she will be on the group with me. All my mates together.

Anonymous said...

It's not the vernacular; it's proper Scouse like.

Anonymous said...

A new dawn has broken, has it not?

Franks for nothing Mr (not Councillor) Doran.

Let's go to work!

Anonymous said...

George Galloway, "Hazel Blears is a political speak your weight machine"

If I was a speak your weight machine, I'd be taking legal advice.

Merseymike said...

Well done.

Nadia Stewart defecting to the LibDems is hilarious. I once lived in that ward when I was a Labour party member ( yes, I left over Iraq...sorry!) and I remember being shrieked at by the very same Ms. Stewart about how un-socialist Blair was, and how they were selling out socialism - and isn't she supposed to be a cheerleader for Robert Wareing? Is he about to discover the joys of Liberalism too??!

Anonymous said...

For all his faults of which there are many.. I dont see Bob wareing becoming a Lib Dem.

You woudl have to think would they want him 1st? hardly is his 1st flush of youth is Bob