Friday, May 23, 2008

A funny story from today's Echo

Nurses Sabotaged

Cardboard cut-out nurses designed to ask hospital visitors to wash hands have been sabotaged.

Instead, the figures at Lincoln County hospital are playing theme tunes from the A-Team, Top Cat and Mission Impossible and shouting "Boo" at passers-by.

..... well it made me laugh anyway


scouseboy said...

About the same level as cardboard cutout Fib Dem councillor getting £95000+ for doing about the same level of effectiveness!!!

scouseboy said...

I wondered where the Fib Dems got their policy ideas from!!!!

Anonymous said...

Under New Labour we are moving towards the American systems of education and healthcare.Lots of dead people and lots of stupid people but loads of profit. Well done chaps and now the Tories will finish the job. The last eleven years.......... well it made me laugh anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous,

The important thing to remember is that our national income is derived of a small percentage of the population. Things we must therefore maintain are education (especially of the talented) and economic freedom. At the same time it is important to control inequality and protect as high living standard nationwide. I think Labour have been doing a fairly good job of all of these, except perhaps education.