Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Light of Bengal

Colin, Mike and I (this is beginning to sound like a menage a trois) went to the Light of Bengal on Saturday night to celebrate Mike's birthday - I wont say how old he is, but he is older than me!

What a fantastic Indian restaurant, quite simply the best in Liverpool.

Twice I have been there now, the second time to check that the wonderful meal we had the first time was not just a flash in the pan - and it was not

Miles better than the Gulshan, in my view.

As a former resident of West Yorkshire who knows a good curry house when she sees one, I can heartily recommend it, and it was not particularly expensive either!

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scouseboy said...

I have to disagree with yiou Louise, I think the Gulshan is better than the Light of Bengal.
I am afraid when I want a good curry I am a traitor to the cause and visit the Al Nawaz on the Mancs curry mile. Well worth the drive!!