Sunday, May 18, 2008

And a busy Sunday too

I met Peter and Nick to deliver the first of our "Thank You" leaflets - Wendy is still in Portugal and Liam caught the early shift at work.

I then went for a coffee at the home of two of our big supporters on the CML estate in Fairfield and caught up with some of their issues before going back to Lisa's to spend more time with Rosa and Isaac. I was only at the party for the dying moments yesterday, having been in Crewe, so wanted to spend a bit more time with them and with the children particularly. Rosa was enjoying her presents and they had been to the Hub to watch older kids on their BMX bikes. It is very fulfilling to have such lovely children in my life when I was not in the end able to have any children of my own. I took a lovely photo of Isaac, which I will show you if I ever work out how to get pics off my phone and onto the computer.

Then Colin and I went for our regular Sunday afternoon date with a carvery at the Halfway House and I came home to sort out some of my paperwork.

The diary is pretty full this week - I have five appointments tomorrow alone, but I enjoyed my week and my weekend and spending so much time with the people I love.

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