Sunday, May 11, 2008

Boro give Man City a thorough trouncing

What a result!

8-1 - against a team four places above us in the tables.

Sven wont be a happy man. Manchester must be a city feeling schizophrenic today, with glory glory Man United on one hand and an embarassing rout on the other.

Now why can't we play like that every week? Finally saved from the relegation threat last week by a victory over Portsmouth, scraping back up the table, and then this week, mighty and all-conquering.

What a funny team we are, we can beat the big boys - Arsenal and Manchester United, but we always hang around the bottom half of the table because of our failure to beat the little teams. I do hope this is a sign of things to come.

Great to be ahead of Sunderland at the end of the season of course, but very disappointing to be one place behind Newcastle, one measly point between us. Not good enough Gareth, but at least you ended the season in style.


Peter, The Liverpool Mural Project. said...

Never mind Boro, what about the 'Peoples club', 'Feed the Yak and he will score'

Everton in Europe again, and The Liverpool Mural Project about to start painting,

See you soon with your paintbrush.
All the best, The Liverpool Mural Project.

Louise Baldock said...

That was "our" Yak until very recently don't forget Peter!

I will definitely be there with my paint brush, just tell me when!

I cannot wait to see your first mural going up. It is really exciting!

Oscarancasey said...

Come on face it Louise. Newcastle gave you a headstart and still finished ahead of you. You did happen to be facing a side whose manager is on the way out and whose players don't seem to care anymore. Fancy a bet on who will finish highest in the league next year?

Good news about Warren though