Sunday, May 18, 2008

I will never get used to not staying in York with Alice...

(Titles are always the hardest part of making an entry)

I have spent a couple of days in York this week with Susan and Tom, Dylan and at last, with baby Alice.

I had a truly wonderful time, I cuddled Alice for hours, she is such a placid baby (at least once she has been fed!) and played with Dylan and caught up on all the local news with Susan and Tom. We went out during the days on adventures and gossipped about York and Liverpool politics, and the national picture, during the evenings.

Susan, Dylan, Alice and I went to the Deep in Hull on Wednesday, the world's only submarium. Dylan was fascinated by the interactive displays, pressing all the buttons and running on to the next. He loved watching the divers feed the sharks and eels and other strange (and very big) fish in the huge tanks. For my part, it felt a bit like a Doctor Who set - the biggest Ray (not my photo, but a similar fish) looked just like Lady Cassandra and there was a big blue fish - don't ask me what kind, at least a metre long, that had a very human face, it looked exactly like the kind of monster that Russell T Davies would create.

The following day we had a trip to the Farmer's Cart near York, which has a small farm of young animals - pigs and piglets, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs, horses and chickens, and of course the all important tractor to delight young children, and a farmer's shop with fresh produce and a very nice cafe to delight their parents.

I really loved being with them and was sad to leave. I can really believe in Alice's existence now that I have held her in my arms and it was so good to spend time with Dylan, who now that he can talk in full sentences is proving to be a very engaging little boy with a personality all of his own.

I shall be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Smile a bit more like that back here!!

Dude the Dog said...

Didn't know you were in York as well, we could have met up!