Sunday, December 09, 2007

Working with Liverpool's Polish community

Liam and I had a really useful meeting with Andzej (Andrew) from a Polish organisation in Liverpool who have designed a website, and a magazine to help new Polish arrivals settle in Liverpool.

The first edition of the magazine, Czas na przerwÄ™ was launched last week.

He has lots of great ideas and we came away with a huge list of contacts we need to identify for him, so that the organisation can begin to work with public agencies and organisations in the city, for mutual support, publicity, advertising, spreading the message etc.

They are also keen to set up a Polish Club in Liverpool. I have heard rumours of clubs already in existence, somewhere off Ullet Road for instance. Do you know if there is one already? Some people tell me there are none, others that there are.

Andzej says they would ideally like one in Kensington, I have promised to make a few enquiries on their behalf. Liam and I were thinking about empty pubs they could perhaps take over the management of for instance, there are a few in Kensington and Fairfield. Or perhaps the managers of existing pubs might like to turn themselves into an "official" Polish pub? It could do wonders for falling trade.

I did tell him there are no empty buildings in our gift.

Help please with this idea and with contacts.


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Jonathan said...

So called 'Community' 7 own loads of empty buildings around Kensington, boarded up on behalf of the city council.

As we're paying for them, C7 should be shamed in bringing these empty buildings back into use.

Some hope.