Thursday, December 13, 2007

Queen of the Podcasts!

Kensington Vision's blog says I am the Queen of the Podcasts because 13 of you have already downloaded mine and Wendy's radio show from this blog as posted earlier this week.

Great news, but 13 is not a lucky number for some, so how about another dozen of you download our show and let's put Kensington and Fairfield's people's choice at the top of the list for keeps.

We had a great show, we worked really hard to get it ready but none of it would have been worth a light without our wonderful guests, Saul, Maria, Marie, Jonathan and Dave.

All plaudits really go to them, I am sure the police have boosted our podcast download rates, wanting to hear how the boss fared (he was great) and the kids at Central Youth club would have wanted to hear Marie. Jonathan is very popular in the environs of Newsham Park, perhaps he could put a link to his interview in their next newsletter.

The only guests who might struggle in the first instance to find directly interested folk ready to download would probably be Saul and Maria who were promoting the need to restore the final resting place of some of Liverpool's finest. No podcast connection in Deane Road cemetery, although perhaps some descendants would like to hear the interview? Saul and Maria were great advocates of our project, for sure and I would hope the Jewish community in Liverpool would love to hear more about their hard work (pictured).

Come on you lovely people, get your download here and enjoy our community news show in all its glory.

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