Sunday, December 09, 2007

Great night out with Liverpool West Derby Labour Party

Last week Wendy, Liam and I were pleased to attend the Liverpool West Derby Labour Party fundraising dinner at Retsina on Derby Road, Old Swan.

It was very well attended. Stephen Twigg had asked Michael Cashman MEP as after-dinner speaker. He was very funny, and as a former actor, he acted the part of various European politicians, and some UK ones, as he told his tales. So we felt we had not one speaker but many.

Arlene McCarthy MEP also came, which was very supportive of her.

We also had regional TU friends with us.

The food was lovely too, course after course of Greek dishes, I would definitely recommend it.

Stephen is doing a wonderful job of re-energising the local constituency party and they are providing lots and lots of activists for campaigning activity every week now. I can see some great electoral results coming in the West Derby area!

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Anonymous said...

Retsina is very good. Did you not fancy a bevvy over the road after? It's good in there too. ;-)

It's Derby Lane, by the way.