Thursday, December 13, 2007

BNP in crisis

I was tonight sent an email from SearchLight detailing the current state of disarray in the BNP.

The full story on the Crisis as described to me in the email is available here on

There are times to keep your head down for fear of reprisals and times when you just have to make your stand clear.

The BNP has fallen apart

Those facists who purport to be democrats have split from those BNP who are straightforward facists

The vile and odious Nick Griffin has been trashed by most of the BNP because he has failed to censore and indeed appears to have supported some of the most disgusting and vile of his high profile and high ranking members above the more mundane repulsive racists of his party.

I know, I know, it is a hard one to call

And believe me, I am not calling it

I think they are all seriously damaging and appalling.

I wont be taking sides when one facist criticises another, but I will be jubilant to learn that the BNP is falling apart at the seams.

And when you represent a seat like mine with new immigration and lots of uncertainty about the pace of change then you have to be very sensitive and thoughtful to how this is managed. And believe me, it is not managed through fascism.

I sincerely hope it is years if not decades before the bastards can regroup.

A truly great day for community relations.


scouseboy45 said...

The Facist militant tendency!!!! They are so far to the right they could join hands with militant that used to be in the Labour party!!! A thousand plagues on all of them!!!

Old Dick- said...

This lot couldnt organise a Kystal Nacht in a Pilkingtons Factory I have made Marek rip up my membership card at once. Admittedly I thought the BNP was soemthign to do with Nucear Fuel, as I thought joining would get me cheaper Eleci. I have actually achieved a 100% reduction in my elctric bill as Marek has connected my supply up to my neighbours supply.I needed the extra supply to power my artificial porstrate machine and Marek's hydroponic plants

Anonymous said...

News of the demise of the BNP is a little premature I suspect. What gets me though is how the likes of you tries to take the moral high ground. As if your policies over the last 10 years haven't been equally extreme. Massive amounts of uncontrolled, unnecessary and largely unwanted immigration, without any mandate or debate. Indeed any attempt at debate has been stifled by screams of racism at any opportunity. Whole swathes of this country have been transformed and not for the better. What about my culture, the one you're slowly destroying? The area I live in used to be great but not anymore. I have been a life long Labour voter but rest assured, never ever again.

Laban said...

I'd watch out, anonymous. Louise wants you to die slowly and horribly.