Monday, December 03, 2007

Au Revoir not Goodbye to KVFM

4pm on Friday saw the last transmission of KVFM from McDonalds in Kensington

A fortnight of excellent community radio, with 94 different organisations featured and countless presenters and guests.

Great music, great public information and great radio

This was not ordinary radio, this was 100% home-grown, organically packaged, community radio (or words to that effect, thanks Sheila Fazakerley)

I have not been able to keep away over the fortnight, I have been into McDonalds on most days and had the car radio permanently tuned to KVFM on 87.7FM. I listened on the way to work very morning, catching some great shows presented by our junior and senior school kids. Then I listened on my way to meetings after work catching partners and agencies in the area promoting their services. And I had the pleasure of listening to crazy Carl and Captain Rob on the way back home around 8pm.

My personal favourites, without doubt, were Lauren and Demi from Sacred Heart primary who were on the radio on Saturday afternoon and again as the last show on Thursday night before switch off. Those two girls were full of confidence and joie de vive, they were chatting, singing, engaging and fantastic. Move over Jonathan Ross, move over Terry Wogan, these girls are coming for you!

Wendy and I loved our show and for the knockers, Frank Doran was on the radio on Saturday afternoon, 24th November too.

We have to bring it back next year.

So much hard work went into this project, Steve Faragher from Kensington Vision and Carl Speares from Likely Alliance deserve all our praise, thank you so much for bringing community radio to our area and please come back soon.

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