Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Very sad news about Terry Pratchett

Yes, as Terry says, he is not dead and we should keep cheerful, but frankly I am finding that a little difficult

The BBC tonight is reporting that author Terry Pratchett is suffering from a rare form of early Alzheimer's disease (have a look at the link).

Can I just say Terry, if you are googling your own name and come across this entry, I admire your work tremendously. I love everything you write. Last week I reread the God of Small Things, last month I was delighted to read the book about the Mint (okay I dont remember titles all that well) which was a fantastic follow-up to a really top book about the Post Office.

So many books have brought me pleasure. The witches, DEATH, the watch... and the Johnny books are unsurpassed, have no doubt.

Never has one author been so successful, on so many occasions and so thoroughly and for so long and with so many titles.

At least two of my close friends have every single book, one has them all in hardback because she cannot bear to wait for the paperback.

Please know that your readers recognise in you something truly outstanding and we will be there for you, buying your stuff and willing you on and for those of us who do such things, praying for you, for as long as you need us.

We certainly need you!


Louise Baldock said...

And on a totally different note, doesnt that photo of Terry look just like Neil Turner, Wigan MP.

Were they separated at birth? I think we should be told.

Old Dick Count of Kenny Morpork said...

Marek and me have decided that as Terry Pratchett is giving up his books, we should step into the breach.

I am aready reknowned as Kensington's foremost writer of tales of Spooky Kensington, but why not branch out in Science Friction.

My new series of books will be called "The Kenny World Series", the story of a msyticak world carried on the back of four enormous staffordshire bull terriers on the back of a giant Koi Carp (courtesy of Lister Fisheries)-

Some the things you are likely to encounter in Kenny World include locations such as "The Unseen Neighbourhood Centre", looked after by an orange utang (too much time on sunbed perhaps),with such titles as "The Wyred Up Community Sisters" in which Lyn, Ane and Caroline casts spells and images which beguile and confuse a whole community

and finally there is the novel "Regen Regen" in which the city of Kenny Morpork is invaded by an evil band of carpetbaggers who steal the silver while the locals are taking part in lantern parade.

I have already managed to finishe two of these novels in the last three days as all I have to do is "Say what I see"as the catchparase bloke used to say, all I have to do is write up what's happenign around me, who says truth is stranger than friction eh!!!

Marek is busily transalting them into Pollish, or what ever he swears at me in, he thinks I dont notice. might up his apy to 6 Zlotys a day if the books, sell.

Incidentally George our enormous mirror carp which Marek has been fattening up since liberating it from the Newsham Park lake, and is living in my bath has about a week to go before we unceremoniously club it to death and the stuffing process begins for christmas day.