Monday, December 03, 2007

Celebrating Liverpool Life at the New Picket

My mate Cath Ingham and I went to the New Picket on Saturday night to an event to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

A cause dear to both of our hearts. Cath has two sons with CF, both in their 30s and doing well, thank you. I lost my friend Dominic McElroy to CF in 2001. Gordon Brown's younger son has CF too.

It can be a devasting disease claiming young lives but with careful management it does not have to be a death sentence as Cath's sons show.

The gig showcased 6 acts.

My favourites were TJ and Murphy - an accoustic folk duo with lovely lyrical songs - and the Alun Parry Band, enthusiastic folk to get the dancers on to the dance floor (My Grandad was a docker was particularly well received).

We were somewhat startled by the announcement of a 5am bar - needless to say we were home safe long before then, but pleased with the raffle where I won a £120 service from a Ford garage in Birkenhead.

It was my first trip to the New Picket but it wont be my last, a great venue, fantastic DJing between the bands and really friendly and supportive bar staff and bouncers.

A great evening

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