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A bit more on the new Liverpolitalia

I have been contacted by Gerry Murphy, Chair of Liverpolitalia who has been alerted to my earlier entry. I want to help the group by publicising their activities a bit more widely.

Gerry tells me as follows:

Liverpolitalia was formed last year as the 'Children of Italy'. Having discovered the existence of other organisations in the USA with similar names we decided to call the organisation 'Liverpolitalia'

We have a membership which is growing all the time and have a committe of representatives of sometime ancient Liverpolitalian families in the city.

Our particular emphasis is on the representation and re-establishment of the presence of Liverpolitalians in the make-up of the city. Ours is not, therefore an organisation which seeks to bask in the 'Glory that was Rome' but to celebrate the achievements of those who for whatever reason found themselves having to emigrate.

There is, however a particular emphasis on the re-discovery of Italian language and culture in the form of taught courses and of course Liverpolitalia itself.

I attach here the prospectus of the organisation and hope you will nmaintain contact with us in the future. If you received an inviation and were able to come to the meeting on the 28th then please forgive me repeating what you probably already know!


A Prospectus

The Idea

The idea of Liverpolitalia is the formation and formal constitution of an organisation which seeks to bring together the relatives and associates of all Italian immigrants who came to the city of Liverpool from the 19th century onwards.

Liverpolitalia grew out of the original idea for a group called “I Figli d’Italia” (Children of Italy) to provide a focus and forum for the sharing of collective and individual memories and perspectives on the nature of Liverpool Italian identity. The first meeting of the embryonic “Liverpolitalia” was on 21st June 2007.

Composition and Constitution

The organisation is open in the first instance to all who possess Italian relatives of any sort, who are interested in their Italian heritage and in developing contacts with other of similar generation in the U.K., the U.S.A. and Ireland as well as Italy itself.


Within the first six months the organisation has set up a working party and steering committee to draw up a formal constitution paving the way for the election of a committee and officers of the organisation.


The activities of the organisation will be chiefly concerned in the first phase with the drawing together of the many citizens of Liverpool and its hinterland that are of Italian origin.

The organisation will host Italian food and culture evenings and seek to liaise with other like-minded organisations in the area. Italian language courses will be organised for those who seek to learn the language of their ancestors.

In these the early days the organisation will lay the foundations for a representative and proactive community and charitable organisation which will provide a “focolare” for the Italian community, its descendants and all who empathise with and hold Italian culture in a position of esteem.

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