Monday, December 03, 2007

Liverpool Co-operative Party relaunch

We had our AGM at the Eldonians, a really positive example of co-operation in action. And as if I dont already have enough to do, I have agreed to be the new Secretary of the Liverpool Co-operative Party.

The Co-operative Party is a sister party to the Labour Party and it is perfectly possible, acceptable and even desirable to hold joint membership.

Louise Ellman is a Labour/Co-op MP and hopefully Stephen Twigg will be our city's second Labour/Co-op MP after the next general election in Liverpool West Derby.

Gordon Brown is the first Co-op member to become Prime Minister.

We want to reach out to co-operators right across the city, whether they are in retail, music, housing, art, farming, sport, whatever it may be.

If you are a co-operator and would like to join the Co-operative Party and engage with us in debates about how co-operative solutions can be found for local policy challenges then please do get in touch with me. You do not have to be a Labour Party member to be a Co-operative Party member.

Tories however need not apply, whatever David Cameron might pretend about them embracing co-operation and mutualism, we all know they are the party of the individual and co-operation doesn't work like that.


matcroydon said...

Well done Louise, this is really good news.


lorenzo23 said...

Hope something good comes this, as if you haven't got enough to do. Best wishes.

Steve Faragher said...

does this mean I can start using my mum's co-op number for a dividend?