Sunday, December 16, 2007

GEARS Children's Christmas Party

Wendy and I popped into GEARS Children's Christmas Party on Saturday at the Police Club in Fairfield.

The music was absolutely deafening (or else I am just getting old) but the children had a fantastic time. They were running round, playing with their balloons, playing dancing games and jumping games and musical chairs. They had a party tea, full of e numbers and sugar and food colouring, so they could run round even more wildly, just how a proper kids party ought to be in fact!

And a selection box

And all for a pound

Well done to Ann and Shaun for organising it and I think I am right in saying well done to Kenny Regen for helping to pay for it

Merry Christmas GEARS

(Incidentally, we were visited by a TV researcher from FTP putting a taster together for a possible programme contrasting Kensington London with Kensington Liverpool and asking people if they might be persuaded to swap with each other. I know it has been done to death a thousand times before over the last 50 years but if they are determined to do this then it is incumbent on us to ensure that we put our best face forward, show them the good stuff so they dont just focus on the blight. And definitely not stand for any stereotyping.

FTP has been set up by Charles Furneaux who was a Commissioning Editor at Channel 4, where he was responsible for Documentaries and Specialist Factual programming. He commissioned and exec produced Touching the Void which received a cinema release and went on to become the highest ever grossing British documentary.

They filmed various people over the weekend, for the taster. So if it goes down well we can expect them back at some point to organise for the full programme.

I just hope they dont upset as many people as the Secret Millionaire did! But if we work with them constructively hopefully that wont happen.)

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Old "tlak to my agent Dick said...

I got one of those phones calls from this posh researche who wanted me to take part, they want me to swap with someone in Kensington and Chelsea, I said this would be fine, the script I knocked off for them including a fly on the wall week in the life of Old Dick, this incuded shots of me at the Surviviors and erectile disfuntion club weekly beetle drive, me standing outside of wetherspoons workign out whether it was curry night or steak night or waht, me leading a party of japanese tousirsts up past the house where the beatles recorded the first record ( With marek jumping out dreseed as Lennon)
when I mentioned the fee I would need and that they would need to find a Pole to swap with Marek otherwise the hole thing woulsnt happen they hung up. I am still waiting for the call back