Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Presence at the Bridewell Studios

Wendy and I visited the Christmas Presence Christmas market this afternoon at the Bridewell Studios on Prescot Road, Kensington.

I bought some Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and knocked another stocking-filler off the list.

The studio is more or less opposite the Royal Hospital and I heard about it when they had a radio show on Kensington Vision's KVFM community radio station.

There was one surreal moment when we passed a printed notice in the hall that said in bold "Have you seen our aluminium step ladders?". We both looked around in anticipation of a modern sculpture, only to read in the small print that someone had nicked them from the toilets and were being urged to return them forthwith!


Cath said...

You must now have enough Christmas Cards to send one to every one in your ward!
Love Cath

Louise Baldock said...

Funny you should say that, wink!