Monday, December 03, 2007

Flint Street Nativity at the Playhouse

Wendy kindly invited me to accompany her to the opening night of the Flint Street Nativity at the Playhouse on 29th November.

It was great fun and quite moving too really.

The actors play children engaged in a nativity, with all the usual angst over who gets to play Mary and Joseph and who is fed up being an angel or a shepherd.

Pushy mums, absent dads, stage fright, it is all there.

And in the final act the actors become the parents of the children they have played in earlier acts and the angst becomes more understandable.

Very funny, some great moments, great acting and a lovely play.

Thanks very much to Wendy for inviting me, we had a great time. Do go and see it.

It reminded me of the tale of a boy who wanted to play Joseph but was shoe-horned into the part of the Inn-keeper.

When Joseph knocked on the door of his inn, asking him if there was any room for him and his pregnant wife, the disgruntled inn-keeper threw open the door shouting "Absolutely loads mate, do come in".

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