Friday, May 28, 2010

Assistant Cabinet Member - Equality and Diversity

I am delighted to have been appointed Assistant Cabinet Member with responsibility for Equality and Diversity. I am working under Ann O'Byrne who is Cabinet Member for Community Service for the external part of the E&D Role - working as last year with the Police, Fire Service, Youth Service, Housing Associations, Faith, Disability, BME and LGBT groups etc to combat hate crimes, tackle homophobia and transphobia and racial tensions, promote Liverpool Pride etc. I am working under Paul Brant as Deputy Leader on the internal side of E&D, making sure that LCC becomes a good employer and provides a good and equitable and accessible service.

I am absolutely thrilled, it is exactly what I wanted! E&D Champion!

And I also asked Paul if I could take over responsibility day to day for the Superintendent Registrars, they look after births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships and citizenship ceremonies, the latter two being an intrinsic part of the E&D agenda.

I was very happy when he said yes, especially as I have been working with them for the past couple of years anyway so feel quite at home there.

It will be my responsibility to meet the officers regularly and feedback our plans and thoughts to the Cabinet Member, keep them in the loop and gain their agreement for decisions. I should now finally be able to steer the services in the direction I want them to go.

As a sort of peripatetic ACM I might see if there are any other services or themes I would like and see if I can winkle them out of the relevant cabinet members too.

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