Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Letter from Harriet Harman, acting Leader of the Labour Party (I guess)

Ahem....thought I should share this with you


Labour’s National Executive Committee has agreed on a timetable for the Leadership campaign and I wanted members and supporters to be the first to know.

Between now and the ballots closing on 22nd September, up to four million people will have the chance to help shape Britain’s progressive future by choosing the next leader of the Labour Party. The new leader will be unveiled at the start of this year’s annual conference on Saturday September 25th.

This is a tremendous opportunity to encourage your colleagues, friends and family to become members of the Labour Party and have their say in this leadership election.

Let them know that, by joining before 8th September, they can help choose our next leader

This leadership election is a really important opportunity for the Labour Party to reflect, renew itself and re-engage with the people of Britain.

Over the coming months, the candidates will meet thousands of people at meetups across the country.

Your friends can be part of this - let them know and ask them to join now

Though we are in opposition now, we will be a powerful and effective opposition.

The new government inherits a Britain which has radically changed for the better since 1997. Labour transformed our public services, introduced Sure Start centres in every community, worked to achieve the shortest waiting lists since NHS records began, gave Britain its first national minimum wage and lifted half a million children out of poverty. We are proud of this progress and we will defend it.

Ask your friends to join us now and help us to keep our achievements safe



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