Monday, May 03, 2010

Why I don't want the Tories back

I thought I would start a blog about why I don't want the Tories back - about how bad it really was last time round.

Please feel free to join in through the comments, I will try to update them regularly to enable the free flow.

Here are my first thoughts

1. In 1996 Ann Widdecombe as prisons minister defended the Government's policy to shackle pregnant women with handcuffs and chains when in hospital giving birth. The policy was later dropped after public outcry. (From Wikipedia). This was one of the things that kept me going through the 1997 General Election when I was working 18 hour days.

2. Peter Lilley as Secretary of State for Social Security said there was no more poverty in the UK because everyone had a TV. I cannot find a source for this, but I remember it strongly.

3. Fox hunting

4. Orgreave

5. Security guards on £1 per hour who had to buy their own uniforms and dogs out of their wages

What are your top 5?


Anonymous said...

Can I add the poll tax, Lou?

scouseboy said...

1) poll tax 2)the butchery of the mines 3) the total and utter neglect of the north of England, including the dismantling of traditional industries, especially in Liverpool 4) the attack on Trade Union rights and 5) the witch Thatcher in general: especially her love affair with right wing toss pots such as Reagan and Pinochet.

martin lawton said...

Orgreave is being changed to Waverley is that progress

Katie said...

And they really haven't changed. See the terrifying article on the current "compassionate Conservative" regime in Hammersmith in today's Independent. Much touted by the Tories as a great example of the way forward - a total nightmare that they intend to inflict on the whole country.

Anonymous said...

July 1981- the riots - seeing so many northern cities going up in smoke ( including) Liverpool - my father wept that day