Friday, May 07, 2010

Labour holds Kensington and Fairfield ward with an increased share of the vote

The 2010 local election results for Kensington and Fairfield ward on Liverpool City Council

Louise Baldock Labour 2949 62% (votes pictured)
Frank Doran Liberal Democrat 1379 29%
Michael Ryan Green 179
Ann Nugent Conservative 139
Shelley Harrison Liberal Party 107

Turnout 53.46%

Since 2008 when last polled, swing to Labour from LibDem of 13.5%
Since 2006 when I first was elected, swing to Labour from Libdem of 13%

Labour Majority 1570


scouseboy said...

That's four times by my reckoning that Frank Doran has been rejected by the canny Kenny electorate. Same amount of rejection as the Lib Dem in my ward of Warbreck, Richard Roberts.
Perhaps they may both now take the hint,and try their hands at soething else.

Robert said...

Congratulations from Nottingham. I continue to enjoy your blog. Liverpool back in the Labour camp. You must be fair chuffed.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - fully deserved- and most important dont drop your guard for a second with the libs anywhere in the city . and

i hope you read Cllr Kemps comments - "we always struggle on a general election turnout as we cant focus as much on local issues"- what an ungracious loser totally insulting toward the electorate

Louise Baldock said...

To be fair to Frank Doran, I think he has only lost three times in his career, and the first of those was donkey's years ago.

Thanks everyone for the comments!

The swings against the LibDems in Wavertree, locally and nationally, show this was not just about turnout.

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks Robert, I am glad you are still with me. I will do some more park stories quite soon, we have some good news coming for two of our local parks which I am sure you will enjoy, love Louise

Anonymous said...

Well done Louise - great result

as someone old enough to remember Labour taking control in 1983 with a small majority (different times i agree) , beware of the Liberals crying foul about everything and running to the Echo and the local media at every opportunity , Its a generation since the Libs have been in this situation . they'll try everything to demonise the new council leadership - remember the motto for all media is - bad news makes easy copy - beware of them