Friday, May 07, 2010

Humbling honour

It is a standard political cliche to say that one is honoured and priveliged to be elected to serve. But I do feel humbled by the size of the Labour vote in Kensington and Fairfield, and across Liverpool.

The good people of Kensington and Fairfield have put their trust in me and in Labour, to represent them for another four years. And more significantly there was a swing in the ward to Labour from LibDem of 13%. That means that people who have previously voted LibDem voted Labour this time, it was not just a case of more people voting than usual.

Liam, Wendy and I are absolutely determined to represent them all, whoever they voted for, to the best of our ability and we now have a secure platform from which to continue the rebuilding of the community.

Thank you all very much, we will not let you down.


scouseboy said...

Congratulations to you Louise, and all the successful Labour candidates in Liverpool. I know you will not let Liverpool people down.
I predict K+F will be labour for many years. Well done!!

Anonymous said...

Can i just say well done to you and Luciana as well - both get top marks after all the abuse aimed at both of you .

and as i live in Sefton Central can i also say well done to Bill Esterson - he knocked on my door on Bank Holiday and was seriously impressive - he's going to be a brilliant MP for this part of Merseyside