Sunday, May 09, 2010

Liverpool - no fascists here!

I have just been looking through the GE results across Liverpool.

What a wonderful feeling to see how tiny the BNP vote was. They didn't even get enough votes to be classed as "derisory".

In Liverpool Wavertree, with two of the most diverse wards in the whole city, where tensions can sometimes run a little high over shortage of resources, from a vote of 37914, they polled only 150 votes.

That is less than half of one percent. 0.4% in fact.

In two Parliamentary constituencies they could not even find a candidate to field.

The good and decent people of Liverpool were in deep shock the day after the European Election when we learnt that we had a BNP MEP. "Not in my name" was the cry as an impromptu rally and march set off in the city centre the following afternoon.

I am so proud to live in this city and in this country that has so emphatically rejected racist hatred and bile and voted for fairness and equality.

The British National Party is a complete misnomer, the Nation of Britain wouldn't touch you with a bargepole, even with sterile gloves on. You don't represent the views of the British Nation and in fact after the local and general elections last week, you barely have anything left. Sling your hook!

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