Sunday, May 02, 2010

The great undecided

The people in this house cannot quite make up their mind it would seem

Perhaps if they could see the way the Libdems are littering the maisonette stairwells on Kensington, they might find their choice a bit easier to make!


Jake Morrison said...

My mum and step-dad are BNP. Tried to persuade them but.
I guess my house needs to make its mind up!

Louise Baldock said...

I wasn't going to say anything controversial about the LibDems today, but as one of their members pulled his car up having spotted me on Menlove Avenue, then came over to me to rant and swear and abuse me, without any provocation, just because he spotted my rosette, this afternoon, I feel totally justified.

You reap what you sew, dudes!

Tom said...

We weren't on Menlove Avenue today. What a desperate attempt at bad mouthing us Louise.

Louise Baldock said...

Tom, it is not a desperate attempt. It is a true fact. This happened to me today. I was standing at the roadside, on the pavement, waiting for two colleagues to finish on their respective doorsteps so that I could direct them to the next doorsteps. A car pulled up, a man got out and he walked up to me. I asked him, nicely, if I was on his drive and in his way. No, he said, he was just driving past. And then he berated me, for quite a while, a woman he didn't know, standing alone on the pavement. And he swore at me and abused me.

This is an absolute fact.

Why otherwise would I mention it? You did not have to be on Menlove Avenue in order for a passing car containing one of your rude colleagues to stop and abuse me.

Believe me, this happened.

Thank God it was me, a hardened campaigner, used to the verbals from your lot, and not one of our young students who may have been really upset by such an attack.

I could give you the full transcript but it is so unpretty that I think it would be best if you didn't hear it. In the end I was forced to say "Get back in your car and drive away, I don't need this abuse".

You need to keep a better grip on your guys, dude

Louise Baldock said...

And if it helps you to identify this abusive man, he looked a bit like Pat Maloney but had longer hair and was accompanied, in the passenger seat, by another man with a shaven head.

What a nice class of person you have on your campaign team, mate. Men who think it is okay to stop the car and swear at lone women, merely because they are wearing a Labour rosette.

If you can recognise him from my description, I suggest you sack him from your campaign, he does you no favours!

Tom said...

Firstly, I still think this is a cynical attempt at painting the Wavertree Lib Dem team in a bad light, something you thrive on Louise.

Secondly, your "smart" reference of "dude" is not only boring but also so ill informed it makes you look a tad silly.


I will look into the complaint for you.. because that's the kind of person I am. I like banter, I like the political grappling that takes place in Liverpool. We have had our fall outs Louise, but I'd always offer you the same respect that I, myself, would expect.

In the meantime perhaps you could send the word to Luciana's campaign team that a smear campaign is still a smear campaign even when the imprint changes.

Her campaign has been a disgrace and if I were you I'd be ashamed to be a part of it.


davidhenry said...

Hey Louise have you considered this person may be voting tactility, Greens in the locals and Lib Dems in the General? It is very common.

I suspect that 'confused' voter will be voting only Green in future now the Lib Dems have turned blue in the face :)