Saturday, May 08, 2010

Echo rubs salt in the LibDem wounds

I had to chuckle to see the Liverpool Echo today, showing the result in Church ward as a Labour win.

This was the seat vacated by Colin Eldridge confidently anticipating that he would not need it any more as he was heading to another place. His Parliamentary Agent stood in his stead.

Tom Morrison held the seat comfortably for the LibDems although with a much reduced share of the vote, against my friend Peter Clarke, but the Echo has highlighted Peter's vote in bold and declared it as a Labour win.

Was this an accident or a deliberate offering of the finger by a journo? We shall never know.

(I am doing my best not to crow, honest, it is not becoming, but this was one I could not resist, it seemed too perfect to ignore).


Tom Morrison said...

In all fairness I saw this as well Louise and I couldn't help but think it was deliberate.

Never mind!

Louise Baldock said...

I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them, personally.

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

Ms Boldlooks, you've got your finger on the political pulse in the city, that's if you haven't lent it to Mr Benton following his run in with a naughty little dog.
So, could you confirm if another dog, a little shitzu according to some (I am not good on breeds) known locally as Crude the Dog has been cruelly put down with a pan of poisoned sausages? I understand it happened in the early hours of Friday morning and on Monday there was no amusing lookalike photo of Joe Anderson and Warren Bradley with the captions winner and loser mixed up?

By the way, congratulations to you and also congratulations to young Tom Morrison , a future Liverpool Lib Dem leader perhaps?

I am also stunned by Ms Berger's victory, I really thought Labour had handed the seat to Mr Eldridge on a plate.

I also have to say to Mr Eldridge that I did feel for him on election night. The hurt and disapointment was hard to watch. It is a cruel business but regardless of the mistakes, the manipulations or allegations of smear tactics engaged in during this election, I hope there is still enough humanity about to wish Mr Eldridge well for the future.

scouseboy said...

as we have just seen today. Vote Lib Dem, get a Tory