Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Labour - a home for progressive centre-left Libdems

"Those Liberal Democrats with a social conscience will be repelled by this deal with the Tories. It is now clear that only the Labour Party will campaign to protect vulnerable communities and public services in Liverpool and the Country. Labour stands ready to welcome those genuine Lib Dem members who want to continue to fight against social injustice and to work for a fairer tolerant and progressive society. I confidently predict that fair minded Liberal Democrats in Liverpool will be unable to sign up to the cuts and narrow minded Tory agenda, those people will find a welcome home in the Labour Party."

Cllr Paul Brant
Labour Deputy Leader in Liverpool

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I should warn you that the traffic is very high at the moment on the website - I cannot think why!


scouseboy said...

remember how vindictive and personal the fib dems have been over the years Louise, and be VERY CHOOSY who you take in when they sheepishly try to slither across the floor of the council chamber. .

Anonymous said...

I visited the labour party site and traffic was so high the page loaded immediately with no problems whatsoever! :p

I have to say I'm a little disappointed with Paul Brant's quote as I considered him one of the more talented, capable and open-minded members of the Liverpool Labour party. How on earth he can reconcile the definition 'narrow minded' with the events of the last few days, and be so intellectually unable to recognise that the country spending approx £500million pounds more every day than it receives in taxes is severely unsustainable and damaging is beyond me.

Now I am no natural Labour supporter - but I can see that the replacement of Warren Bradley and the LibDems in Liverpool is probably the best outcome for our city locally, just as the replacement of Brown and the Labour party nationally with a fusion of one nation toryism and orange book liberalism is a political revolution just right for the times.

Labour politicians must surely be able to see that as clearly as the rest of us, and it is unbecoming for them to try to cling to the tired and discredited old line of Tories=nasty when so much time has passed since they were last in power and the facts of their current conduct so obviously give the lie to the charge.

It would have been nice instead to hear Liverpool Labour approach the new political landscape in Britain with a commitment to work positively and constructively with the new government for the benefit of this great city and its people.

I will suspend my disappointment, continue to believe in a better way of doing things and hope that the kneejerk instinctive negative partisan responses are intended mainly for the more conservative elements within the Labour party itself.

Cllr Joe Anderson's first few comments regarding including business leaders, re-inventing the HMRI programme etc gave me confidence that the new administation in the city was going in the right direction and that I was right to suspend my natural disinclination to vote Labour locally last week.

I am still willing to give Liverpool Labour a chance to prove themselves capable of sensible inclusive, grown-up and radical politics, but comments such as Cllr Brant's do sadly diminish my confidence in that.

Anonymous said...

Labour, progressive?

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks for your comments.

4211 new LP members yesterday.

Yes Labour are progressive, I refer you above many other things to my post about LGBT advances.

Anonymous said...

if you read Pauls message properly he isnt saying the cuts are narrow minded - im sure he like Everyone else knows the budget deficit MUST be addressed - its the rest of the Tory agenda and thats what its mostly going to be is narrow minded - perfectly correct proposition and now propped up by the Lib Dems - Desparate Childish behaviour from the Lib dems who have shown they will sell their souls for seals of office - the disappointment is felt by many who hoped for better and dont blame Labour nationally or locally for what Clegg and Cable have done

Anonymous said...

No, we blame Labour, Blair and Brown for bringing this country to its knees over the last 13 years I'mn afraid. Is asking Frank Field to help out with welfare reform narrow minded? Is asking Will Hutton to look at public sector pay control narrow minded? I think unfortunately the only narrow minded one is yourself..

You can apparently only see anyone remotely attached to a political tribe other than your own through the prism of your own prejudices and unfounded beliefs, no doubt bolstered by all the usual cr@p on all political leaflets nowadays, certainly in Liverpool Wavertree - ie: 'vote Labour or let the nasty tories in' or 'vote for the strong local candidate'. I'm guessing most people saw through all that.

Like Warren Bradley complaining about not being told Colin Hilton was going (come on warren, you're a lame duck now and everyone knows it even if you are still technically leader of the council for a few more days), you just seem to want to harp on negatively about the others and how the world is going to end because you didn't win. Well, I think a majority of the electorate would just prefer that you got over it quietly, (sit and cry in a corner for an hour if it helps), then let's just suspend all the partisan bitching and prejudice please, and get on with the job of a) making the country not a complete bankrupt basketcase again (if you're a tory or libdem) and b) running the council properly (if you're labour).

Is that really too much to hope for?