Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Citizens Advice Bureau service for Kensington and Fairfield

Email from Alan Tapp at Kensington Community Learning Centre

During our recent consultation meetings with local residents, one of the most popular requests from residents was for improved access to the services of the Citizens Advice Bureau. As part of our new Information and Skills for All Programme, KCLC are delighted to announce that the CAB will be offering a drop-in service at Kensington Community Learning Centre starting from Tuesday 15th June. Initially this will be a weekly surgery, every Tuesday between 10am and 12 noon. If there is sufficient demand we will be looking to extend the service.

Anyone needing to talk to a qualified member of the CAB team can drop into KCLC between 10am and 12 noon every Tuesday morning starting from Tuesday 15th June.


291-299 KENSINGTON (Opposite McDonalds)

Tel. 0151 260 1006

Email: info@kclc.co.uk

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Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

If Dr McElhenney is crowned interim CEO,perhaps you could ask him where the Kensington One Stop Shop is and they could move in there.