Saturday, June 05, 2010

Kenny has been made over!

Kenny in his original home and his original clothesKenny as Father Christmas at the 12 Days of Christmas in the Lodge in Newsham ParkKenny in his new home in the reception of Venture House on Boaler Street, Kensington
Kenny's front legs - the Academy and Venture House
Kenny's back legs - typical Liverpool terraced houses on Boaler Street, Kensington

I spent the day at Venture House on Wednesday enjoying European Neighbours Day - and planting dozens of free hanging baskets for enthusiastic local residents.

But the highlight of the day was the unveiling of Kenny the Superlambanana with his new look. He was always gorgeous - having been decorated initially by Barbara Gault and children from local Kensington schools but he was getting very grubby and needed a total overhaul.

He used to stand on the corner of Kensington and Hall Lane but was moved to the reception of Venture House on Boaler Street at the end of the Capital of Culture in 2008.

He has now been given a complete refurbishment by pupils at St Francis of Assisi Academy in Newsham Park, Fairfield, just a few hundred yards away from his new home.

To reflect his new life in his new home, he has a fab painting of Venture House on one front leg and the Academy on the other. His rear legs depict typical Liverpool red brick terraced houses on Boaler Street, Kensington.

Isn't he a little smasher?

Before and After Pics!

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