Friday, June 18, 2010

Congratulations to Sarah Jennings, new Leader of the Green Group on Liverpool City Council

I have just noticed that Councillor Sarah Jennings has become the leader of the Green Group on Liverpool City Council, presumably to balance out the jobs, as John Coyne has become the Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Select Committee.

Does this make her Liverpool's first female group leader?

Well done Sarah! I am absolutely delighted, good luck and best wishes with the role


scouseboy said...

Congratulations to Sarah, I have a soft spot for the greens. They have two representatives in my mother's ward, alongside a new councillor who chooses to ridicule disadvantaged people, and,therefore in my view has no insight whatsoever into peoples dignity, or their equal opportunities.

Central Concerns said...

Yes, congrats to Sarah. Fabulous.

And here's looking forward to her and Cllr. Coyne abstaining on every motion they take issue with at council for years to come.

Lucky, lucky people of St. Mikes who have two councillors who lack the backbone to represent them fairly at such vital meetings.

Louise Baldock said...

Central Concerns - would you rather have councillors who belittle young people with disabilities, to get a cheap laugh?

Central Concerns said...

My dear, that is not the point.

You are celebrating a person, merely based on gender, when her actions of constant abstention speaks very much for itself.

Louise Baldock said...

I think Sarah has been a great councillor, she has made lots of good speeches and asked lots of questions and demonstrated her true commitment to the people of her ward. You on the other hand support someone whose position is now in the hands of the national LibDems called to question her integrity. I hope you don't think I should support someone whose actions belie her gender, instead?

Central Concerns said...

I am a little confused, as the councillor you have now referenced twice, I made no mention of at all, and which is not the subject of this particular posting on your blog.

Once again, I ask you to return to the subject of my criticism, Cllr. Jennings. I would advise you to sit down and look at what motions Cllr. Jennings & Coyne abstained on. Motions that were forwarded by both the Lib Dem and Labour whips, that would of and do benefit their ward.

Louise Baldock said...

That is "would have", rather than "would of". Sometimes some issues are very difficult, and opponents make hay with one's choices. I have been known to abstain occasionally, along with my Labour colleagues, where a motion was really only written to make mischief.
Abstentions are not of themselves inappropriate. It sends a clear message, often about not wishing to enter into petty party politics.
I expect the LibDems will begin a period of abstaining from voting now that they find themselves in the minority.
Don't be confused about my references to the third councillor in the ward, it is only to be expected in the circumstances.