Friday, June 18, 2010

Huge relief for Edge Lane and for Liverpool

Huge relief all round today as the ConDem coalition finally agreed to honour the commitment of our Labour Government to invest millions in the plans to complete the Edge Lane West project

Whatever one thinks about the rights and wrongs of this controversial scheme, leaving it half finished, semi demolished, houses boarded up, shops lost, traffic chaos would have been a nightmare and very wrong.

A sustained campaign by Liverpool's Labour MPs and the leader of the Council since May 6th has ensured that this scheme and the plans for a new Liverpool Royal Hospital have been saved and protected.

We are still waiting to hear about some of the other important projects put on ice.

(Photos taken by Louise Baldock from a vantage point not accessible to the public, so some will be from an angle you wont have seen before, and some are of cleared sites that you wont have seen at all)


scouseboy said...

I am made up this project has not been savaged (along with the new Royal Hospital project) but be prepared for just the scraps in future off this crew. Remember the mantra: "Vote Lib Dem get a Tory"

Louise Baldock said...

Absolutely! I made several comments and posted several images to that effect before the election. The sad thing is that although Merseyside wisely heeded that message, some parts of the rest of the country let us all down.