Saturday, June 05, 2010

Liverpool has the best parks in the country!

Here are some photographs of some of the wonderful shrubs and flowering trees in Liverpool parks.

First we have trees in Sefton Park taken in early May 2010 - pink blossom next to white blossom and a glorious orange blossom (small "o" and "b" because I think there is something actually called Orange Blossom and I suspect that is not what this is, but it is nonetheless blossom of a distinctly orange hue), followed by Azalea blooms (rather than Rhododendrons I think, although the same family) from Calderstones Park taken in early June 2010.

(Sorry to be so vague about the names of the trees and bushes, I can admire and photograph but I am not an expert on horticulture)

Simply glorious!

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