Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two weeks of L6 and L7 (Kensington, Fairfield and Edge Hill) Radio in November

Tonight I went to a meeting called by Steve Faragher, Director of CIC (Community Interest Company) Kensington Vision.

He is putting together a bid for a radio station which will run for two weeks in our area in November 2007.

We met Carl Speare who works for Likely Alliance who have helped at least 20 organisations on Merseyside to host community radio.

He explained that L6 and L7 could have its own radio station through a community licence for a short period of time (up to 28 days) if we so willed it and could find the funds to support it. Steve said that he was aiming for a 14 day programme in 2007 and if it was successful then we would aim for a 28 day programme to follow in 2008 - Liverpool's European City of Culture Year.

Essentially from Carl's point of view, all we have to do as a community is host and run 72 two hour slots over two weeks, about anything we like, with an equal balance between talking and music, as long as there is no swearing, religion and party political content.

Steve explained the other condition, we have to find the money to host the licence. He wants to bolt on some extras if possible, like monthly talk-ins where we explore latest news in L6 and L7 and also a video of the exercise, but if we cannot manage those we certainly need to raise funds for the licence and the support of the exercise. He has already had a good financial contribution from Riverside/C7 Housing Association, I see one of my tasks as helping him find other sources.

So, if you fancy taking part in an L6 and L7 radio station for a fortnight in November, then please consider two things.
1. Will you, your mates or your organisation present a show (with 10 two hour training sessions over the preceeding 10 weeks) and will you work on a script with Carl (because you cannot do it without one)
2. Will you help find some more money to make this happen?

If we get 2007 right then 2008 can be twice as good again. Let me know of your interest and I will pass your details onto Steve and Carl.

This could be massive, it is all down to us to make it so


JB said...

So there won't be much criticism of Riverside or C7 then!

steve faragher said...

to tell you the truth C7 and Riverside havent laid down the law on this one, I hope I dont think I can swayed by filthy luca.

If people do have a well founded criticism I cant see any harm in that being done, just no terminal whinging.
I was actually thingking of doing "Kenny Island Disks" with Tom "cant anyone shut him up" McGuire as one of the guests.....

the masked floating voter said...

I have lots of ideas for a radio shows for Kenny Fm but they all involve me wearing a mask and challenging people to "make my day", I phoned that mrfarragher but he said it was a "load of crap" and I should "get a real job" and stop "writign poems about Richard MArborrow". I'm not sure whtehr that was a yes or a no as he can sometimes be a bit hard to read.

Old Dick said...

I have cheked the runes, the entrails of a cat I found at the back of Wetherspooons and some coffe grounds and the future holds well for this project. you can find out more about my predications by phoning 0990123123 or click on
remember you cant beat a bit of old dick in your life

Louise Baldock said...

I was thinking about a Desert Island Discs format too, as a matter of fact Steve, perhaps we could have a few sessions of it with different guests. I was thinking of being Roy Plumley, but having thought about it a bit more, you would be perfect. I could help you with the research perhaps though?

JB said...

How about "The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong" by the Jam?

Or "We're on a Road to Nowhere", a tribute to the 'stunning gateway' along Edge Lane.

Like KNDC, we could all dance to a few old tunes by Charlie Parker.