Tuesday, June 26, 2007

African festival in Kensington

Wendy and I were in the Kensington Sports Centre on Saturday to join in with the African celebrations in the sports centre on Jubilee Drive, Kensington.

We turned up in time to see the musical workshop with children and bands, I bought a loose African dress to wear on holiday or when relaxing and a great pair of purple earings. I also had a lovely lunch thanks to Senegambia Menus (Senegal and Zambia) who I tried to take a photo of at the Edge Hill festival last week. I have that photo now although one of the ladies moved, but I hope you see how beautiful they look.

We loved the band and the dancing, it was a great afternoon.

Sadly there were not many attendees, maybe they were in Sefton Park at a different African festival? I hope these events don't clash next year.


the masked floating voter said...

This event used to get much better promotion in the past (ie Billboard on Beechs street Corner posters, etc.)

This year I didnt know it was on, perhaps it should be promoted on a local community radio station (just like that one that fat grey bloke steve farragher is trying to put on, as if we need one fo those!), perhaps they should have had the event opened by one of the black cast members of that high cultural beacon "Hollyoaks", now there's an original thought, must tell Kris Waite, next time we are in the sauna together.

I would have even opened it in my role of masked righter of wrongs if they had asked me, my fee would ahve been some curried goat a samosa and loose fitting pair of african shorts. Real bargain I think

Old Dick said...

I see you and Wendy are always "together" at these events. hmmm

As a man of the world this type of "togetherness" can sometimes lead to "misunderstandings" for instance when I was in the Navy during the war, my close relationship with Smigger Smith often lead other Tars to qestion whether we were partaking in"Rum Bum and Concertina/or rum sodomy and the lash" if you are a pogues fan.

The other rumour is you may be practicing the black arts, ie the laocal labour party is a front for a coven of witches and dark satanic goings on. I can honestly say that they wax model of Richard marbrow had nothing to do with him loosing the election. The love potion and move out of kensington spell you both cast were nothing but a "bit of fun". The question is which one of you is the fmiliar. I suspect "madam" baldcock is the leader and Wendy a mere accolite, doing ehr bidding in all matters.

If this is a tale of the supernatural I will of course investigate.

You cant beat a bit of old dick in your area

Louise Baldock said...

Ah, the nutter returns!