Friday, June 08, 2007

Showing Liverpool off

My mate Cath from Holmfirth came to visit last weekend.

It was great. One of the benefits of having only lived here for a few years is that I still have friends visiting who have not been here before so I can act as a real Ambassador and show the city off with pride.

She came over on Saturday lunch time after I had been leafleting (and getting sun burnt) in Knotty Ash. We had lunch and then I drove her round Kensington and Fairfield so she could see all the places she had only previously read about on this blog. Then we went over to Another Place - Anthony Gormley's statues on Crosby beach, which is one of my favourite places to take visitors.

We walked on the beach with the dog (and took her photo with one of the statues) and had an ice cream in the hot sun. You can also see the wind turbines from the beach which will be turned on in about a month's time according to yesterday's paper. When you go out walking with a dog everyone stops to talk to you and chat, it's amazing what an ice breaker they are.

We came home for a few hours and watched Doctor Who which I was amazed to learn she had never seen before, I think I have converted her.

We then went to the Chung Ku on Riverside Road for a lovely meal. I do love the food in there but I also love the restaurant itself, the great view of the river and the English name tags all the waiters have. It is quite expensive but I can definitely recommend it for a special occasion.

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