Saturday, June 23, 2007

Annual General Meeting of the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority

Friday saw me at the AGM of the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority. I would be the first to admit that doesnt sound like much of a rave, but it was actually quite interesting.

In the first place it was interesting because although this cross-Merseyside body, made up of councillors from the five authorities, sees the LibDems holding five seats to Labour's four, they didnt bother to make a nomination for chair, deputy chair or any of the lead members' positions. Labour took all of them, I am now the lead member for Communications and PR, apparently I only get involved when the director has to make an Executive decision in that field and needs to run it past someone. I do have a lot of experience of both, and believe me, I know the fallout from bad news stories about bins and rubbish!

It is just another example of the LibDems shying away from anything that involves consensual politics. Fancy having the majority and sitting on your hands! Why bother putting names forward if you dont intend to play a part?

It was also interesting learning masses about the difference between collecting authorities and disposal authorities and lots about the different facilities ready and waiting for Liverpool City Council to ask to use. I am going to sign up to visits to various of them, to get the full picture about what happens to the contents of our bins after they have been picked up.

After the meeting we had a useful workshop on DEFRAs plans for waste management. I think that, although I was a bit reluctant when my name went forward, I am going to enjoy the work on this committee and it was good to spend time with colleagues from Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens and the Wirral.


Anonymous said...

Of course, now that the Lib Dems do not hold any Executive Positions on the WDA, any flak now comes straight to Labour, regardless of majorities. One could see it a a clever move, or completely the opposite.

Anonymous said...

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